MS10-12E Pedestrian High Lift Stacker

Low-cost pedestrian pallet stacker

A compact pedestrian pallet stacker designed to be operator friendly with smooth drive, lift and lower control to provide effortless manoeuvrability.

  • Ergonomically designed tiller
  • Combi MOSFET
  • Robust and durable
  • Long service intervals
  • Energy efficient






Ideal when a low cost solution for storage retrieval is required in medium to large operations. The ergonomic design of the MS10-12E helps maximise operator productivity when handling open sided pallets and containers and placing goods into multi-level racking. The MS10-12E compact pedestrian pallet stacker has been designed to be as operator friendly as possible with smooth drive, lift and lower control to provide effortless manoeuvrability in the tightest corners of the warehouse or production floor.

Ergonomically designed tiller

The tiller head is designed for operator comfort and features an ergonomic shaped handle with angled grips and integral hand guard. Large, low effort butterfly buttons control the direction of travel and speed as well as the electromagnetic brake. Lift and lower buttons are conveniently located tiller head. The tiller arm is mounted onto the drive unit and the offset position increases visibility around the mast.


The new generation MOSFET high frequency COMBI controller is to regulate both traction and pump operation. Automatic speed reduction when cornering is activated via the controller and regenerative braking as well as anti-rollback start up on an incline provide additional energy efficiency.

Robust and durable

For durability the mast guard is made from wire mesh. The fork section for 1 and 2 stage masts is the same, 60mm for the first 250mm from the carriage.

Long service intervals

Maintenance requirements are limited for the pedestrian pallet stacker; with inspection intervals recommended every 1000 hours of service for a long operational life.

Energy efficient

The controller can be adjusted to forward and reverse travel speeds, reverse current braking, release braking, lift and lowering speeds and deceleration braking. The operator and application performance can be matched to ensure maximum productivity.

Model Load capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
MS10E 1000kg 3580mm 2285 / 2245mm 24V / 150-200Ah(V/Ah) 790kg
MS12E 1200kg 4180mm 2285 / 2245mm 24V / 200Ah(V/Ah) 810kg

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