MS10-20, MS12-16IL

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Pedestrian Stackers

A low-cost materials handling solution that makes the most of valuable warehouse space

The Yale® MS Series is a highly controllable and agile pedestrian stacker with lift capability suitable for a range of user heights and experience levels. The MS series provides operator confidence via good through-mast visibility, robust construction and broad usability.

Ideal for use in storage rooms of supermarkets, small-scale warehouses and cold stores, industrial manufacturing, retail operations and assembly operations where a low-cost solution for storage and retrieval is required. The ergonomic design of the MS series helps maximise operator productivity when handling open sided pallets and containers and placing goods into the multi-level racking.

Initial Lift models for use on irregular surfaces, loading levels and ramps are available.


  • The outstanding field of vision through the mast allows the user to operate with confidence
  • Maximum fork tip visibility
  • High residual capacities across the model range.
  • Fast lift and lower speeds
  • Precise positioning control


  • The mid-height tiller for both walk-along operation and manoeuvring allows easy use by a range of user-heights.
  • Angled grips make the MS range comfortable to use and butterfly switches allow for various operating positions for either hand.
  • Acceleration and deceleration are smooth and progressive: predictable control for the operator
  • Easy side battery removal option for fast changing of power, reducing downtime


  • Adjustable mast alignment
  • Quick-remove covers to allow access to key components
  • Sealed-for-life transmission reduces downtime
  • 3000 hours service interval on hydraulic oil and filter change reduces service intervention requirements


  • Robust chassis design ensures the truck can withstand the rigours of everyday use
  • Maximum protection of motor/hydraulic compartment components from ground debris and splashes ensures truck longevity
  • The keypad or key switch is ingress protection rated to IP65 standard to resist dust ingress and low pressure water jets

Cost of ownership

  • High residual capacity means that heavy loads can be moved in shorter times
  • Stable load handling means that the operator can confidently move loads while negotiating tight spaces
  • Strengthened frame and heavy-duty covers reduce service and repair costs over the life of the machine due to sturdy construction
  • Low energy consumption means more loads can be moved per battery charge



J.A TRUCK AB MS10-20, MS12-16IL


Modell Lastkapacitet (kg) Lyfthöjd (mm) AST (bred / lång) (mm) Batterikapacitet (V / Ah) vikt (kg)
MS10 1000 3800 2307 / 2293 24V / 150-200Ah 956
MS12 1200 4900 2359 / 2345 24V / 210-250Ah 1005
MS14 1400 5460 2359 / 2345 24V / 210-375Ah 1038
MS16 1600 6020 2428 / 2414 24V / 315-375Ah 1145
MS20 2000 4000 2428 / 2414 24V / 315-375Ah 1151
MS12IL 1200 4900 2449/2436 24V / 150-200Ah 1111
MS14IL 1400 5460 2449/2436 24V / 210-250Ah 1111
MS16IL 1600 6020 2518/2505 24V / 315-375Ah 1187
J.A TRUCK AB MS10-20, MS12-16IL


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J.A TRUCK AB MS10-20, MS12-16IL


J.A TRUCK AB MS10-20, MS12-16IL