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Internal Combustion Forklift Cushion Tyre

The Veracitor® GC-VX series can be configured as a high-performance solution with low cost of operation for medium- to heavy-duty applications, ranging from 4000-5500kg capacities.

Performance in medium- to heavy-duty applications

Rugged truck with variety of options

  • Customisable for the application

    Each truck in the Veracitor® VX series is customizable with packages for specific needs, ranging from medium- to heavy-duty applications.

    Engine: GM 4.3L VG with Yale® Flex Performance Technology™ to boost fuel economy or turn up performance to maximize productivity during peaks

    Transmission options:

    • Standard Electronic (one-speed) - electronic inching, heavy duty clutch packs
    • Techtronix 100 (one/two speed) - all features of the standard transmission, plus auto deceleration system, extended drawbar pull, controlled rollback
    • Techtronix 100X (two-speed) - all features of the 100, plus improved power and gradeability, traction speed limiter
    • Techtronix 200X (two-speed) - all features of the 100X, auto-speed hydraulics with automatic inching control, throttle response management

    Hydraulics options:

    • Manual cowl - easy reach ergonomic design, excellent right-side access
    • Accutouch electro-hydraulics - fingertip activation, best-in-class comfort, excellent right-side access
    • PalmTech-Joystick electro-hydraulics - all-in-one control with leading edge design, excellent right-side access

  • Ergonomic features

    The GC-VX series is packed with operator-friendly features to help stave off fatigue and keep productivity and focus high, all shift long.

    • Low step height for easy entry and exit
    • Moderately sized steering wheel with infinitely adjustable steer column helps operators of all sizes find comfortable position
    • Isolated powertrain reduces noise and vibration
    • Continuous Stability System (CSS) reduces truck lean in turns for improved lateral stability and uses an innovative steer axle mounting design for superior travel over uneven surfaces

  • Built to last

    The Yale Veracitor series is engineered to be among the most dependable lift trucks available, with a rugged powertrain and computer-controlled engine and transmission.

    • Innovative cooling system enables lower operating temperatures through excellent airflow through optimized ducting and high volume tunnels
    • Radiator is 100% shock-mounted for long service life
    • Reliable electronics, including sealed connectors, enable entire truck to be pressure washed
    • Hall effect sensors and switches have solid state components that are magnetically operated and completely sealed
    • Continuous Stability System is a completely maintenance-free solution, with no controllers, sensors and extra wiring

  • Reduced cost of operation

    The GC-VX series not only requires less maintenance, it's designed to make service easy when it is necessary - reducing related time and cost. In fact, the VX series is rated by the Society of Automotive Engineers as having faster and easier service than competitors over more than 30 service routines.

    • Rear-opening, one-piece hood and one-piece floor plate offer excellent cowl-to-counterweight access
    • Auto deceleration system (standard on the Techtronix 100 transmission) reduces brake usage and associated wear and maintenance
    • Automatic electronic inching eliminates need for periodic adjustment
    • Coil-over-plug ignition design eliminates spark plug wires and need for periodic replacement
    • Uncluttered layout under the hood offers clean hydraulic and electrical routings
    • Coolant recovery bottle is easily visible for checks, and fill neck is within easy reach
    • Intellix VSM vehicle systems manager (optional) continuously monitors truck functions and immediately alerts operators of service needs

  • Attachment options

    The Veracitor series offers a variety of attachment packages to provide the right tool to drive lasting productivity in your operation.

    • Rotator attachment - secure, 360- and 180-degree rotation of food ingredients, liquid metal, chemicals, waste and scrap
    • Paper clamp attachment - fast, accurate 180-degree rotation with adjustable clamping pressure for paper roll handling 
    • Bale clamp attachment - wide selection of opening ranges and arm dimensions for efficient transportation of pulp, waste and recycled paper, aluminum and clothing bales



Modell Lastkapacitet (kg) Lyfthöjd (mm) vikt (kg) Turning Radius (mm) Load Center (mm) Engine Transmission Overall Width (mm)
GLC45VX 4500kg 5300mm 6977kg 2447mm 500mm Kubota 3.8L LPG Techtronix 100-speed / Techtronix 2, 2-speed 1320 / 1420mm
GLC40VX 4000kg 5300mm 5795kg 2298mm 500mm Kubota 3.8L LPG Techtronix 100-speed / Techtronix 2, 2-speed 1170 / 1270mm
GLC50VX 5000kg 5300mm 7595kg 2534mm 500mm Kubota 3.8L LPG Techtronix 100-speed / Techtronix 2, 2-speed 1320 / 1420mm
GLC55SVX 5500kg 5300mm 7618kg 2375mm 500mm Kubota 3.8L LPG Techtronix 100-speed / Techtronix 2, 2-speed 1320 / 1420mm