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Yale has been manufacturing materials handling equipment for over 137 years. As one of the fastest-growing forklift truck brands in Europe, Yale Europe Materials Handling manufactures a complete range of counterbalanced forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to provide the lowest lifetime cost of ownership solution for customers.

Reach Trucks

The MR series of reach trucks provide more versatility, more flexibility and a wider choice of models. These superbly designed trucks bring even greater levels of performance within easy reach

Order Pickers

The MO series of electric order pickers offer quiet, effortless operation and an abundance of features, all focused on ensuring operators can achieve faster, more accurate, order picking no matter the order picker.

Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

The ideal solution for high density warehouses, Yale very narrow aisle trucks can work in aisles from 1650mm.

Tow Tractors

The Yale® tow tractor is an efficient and cost effective solution for line feed operations ideal for intensive manufacturing processes.

3 wheel Electric Trucks

Versatile, highly manoeuvrable front wheel and rear wheel drive electric forklift trucks, fully loaded with productivity enhancing features.

4 wheel Electric Trucks

Yale® 4 wheel electric trucks are available in a range of voltage options in both conventional and drop battery box designs. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.

Compact Internal Combustion Trucks

The Yale® Veracitor™ VX range of compact forklift trucks are feature rich and have been developed specifically for high lift applications in confined areas.

Internal Combustion Trucks

Internal Combustion Trucks

Yale® LPG and diesel forklift trucks have a world-class reputation for strength and durability in the toughest of industry applications.

Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers

From the pedestrian warehouse stacker to the counterbalanced stacker, Yale provides a comprehensive range of stacking solutions.

Yale Pallet Trucks

Pallet Trucks

Whether loading or unloading a trailer or moving loads around a warehouse the Yale range of electric pallet trucks are designed to make the operator's job as easy and comfortable as possible to ensure that the warehouse is as productive as possible.