High capacity lifting up to 2000kg


Flexibility from vehicle to warehouse

Streamline vehicle-to-warehouse movements in mixed indoor and outdoor applications with a flexible and configurable solution.

  • Excellent visibility
  • Operator comfort
  • Super Elastic tyres
  • Easy operator ingress/egress
  • Uptime enhancing features







– Auto parts distribution
– Beverage
– Food distribution
– 3PL
– Retail & e-commerce

Smart design for evolving warehouses

A flexible solution for industries where outdoor storage and handling activities are important parts of the warehousing and intralogistics operations. The multipurpose YaleⓇ MRO16-20 Outdoor Reach Truck combines the functionality of two trucks in one (for indoors and outdoors), enabling warehouse managers to consolidate their fleet.
Use it to load and unload lorries in the yard like a counterbalance truck would, or to reach up to 7.5m in height for working in warehouse racking.

Three operator compartments

The three different operator compartments make the MS20XD well suited for a wide range of different applications; foldable platform, fixed platform with side protection and a fixed platform with rear protection, whilst the two stage mast provides excellent visibility of the fork tips and loads.

Excellent visibility

By providing operators with optimised visibility, the YaleⓇ MRO16-20 is designed for productivity, helping operations move more loads per hour.

Choose from:

  • A standard 2339mm overhead guard with metal bars that are positioned to maximise visibility of loads at height.
  • An optional Full or Clear View overhead guard with no metal bars, giving a clear upward view through the roof.

The truck is designed to enhance visibility of floor traffic and pedestrians, as well as for good downward visibility, all of which helps operators move efficiently and confidently.

To meet particular application needs, Operator Assistance Systems are also available. These include cameras on the forks, load backrest, and mast, as well as a laser positioning system, and height selectors.

Operator comfort 

High levels of comfort may help operators to increase overall productivity. A choice of seats is available for the YaleⓇ MRO16-20 series to help support operators across a shift and in the different conditions indoors and outdoors.

The standard full-suspension Grammer MSG 20 seat can be easily adjusted to the weight of the individual operator, featuring a visual weight scale that is easily set by the operator. This can help deliver a more comfortable ride on uneven floors outside.

The optional Grammer MSG 65 air suspended seat features a wider adjustment range. As well as a more spacious seat, lumbar support, seat cover options, and headrest, this seat also offers increased suspension. This helps to absorb vibrations, making travel more comfortable for operators that may spend more time working outside.

Further configurable options to optimise the MRO Series for its working environment include a partial or full cab for outdoor weather protection, with windscreen wipers that enable the truck to continue working in rainy conditions.

Super Elastic Tyres

Combining the use of Super Elastic tyres with the design philosophy of an Indooor Reach Truck makes this Outdoor Reach Truck well suited to intralogistics sites with mixed indoor and outdoor activities.

Super Elastic tyres offer further comfort for the driver and place less stress on the truck’s components on different floor surfaces. This can help when travelling between the warehouse and the yard, from indoors to outdoors. Optional non-marking tyres can also be selected if preferred.

Easy operator ingress/egress

The Yale® Outdoor Reach Truck has been designed to enable operators to transition from indoor to outdoor duties on one truck. In a time-pressured warehouse environment, making the operator’s movements on and off the truck quick and easy helps support efficiency, especially when it happens multiple times per day.

The MRO16-20 series has been designed to offer easy ingress and egress for the operator, with 3-point contact for entry and exit. Easy-to-reach grab handles have been included on the left column of the overhead guard, and in front of the armrest, as well as an intermediate step.

The handles are made with a non-slip, plastic surface for a comfortable grip. They offer optimal hand hold positioning for the widest possible demographic of operators. These design features are especially effective when the truck is working in outside environments where wet surfaces may be present.

The easy-access intermediate step helps operators to quickly, easily, and securely get on and off the truck. It is followed by a second step with an anti-slip mat. With a lower step height, this contributes to comfort, ergonomics, and reduced strain.

Uptime enhancing features

Uptime and efficiency are essential in warehousing and intralogistics which is why the Yale Outdoor Reach Truck is designed to ease maintenance and reduce downtime.

With MRO Series Outdoor Reach Trucks, customers can also choose between a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery. Selecting the option that best suits their duty-cycle and charging needs helps keep operations moving.

Telescopic forks are also available as an option, allowing the loading and unloading of lorries to take place all from one side and giving warehouse planners additional options thanks to dual deep lay outs. This helps save valuable time in fast-paced intralogistics applications.

Model Model Designation Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Overall Width Weight
MRO20 RO2.0 2000kg 600mm 7400mm 1802.5mm 2884mm 48V / 620Ah(V/Ah) 1414mm 4453kg
MRO16 RO1.6 1600kg 600mm 7500mm 1755.5mm 2882mm 48V / 620Ah(V/Ah) 1414mm 4080kg

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