ERP70-90VNL 4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre

Premium high-capacity truck with lithium-ion

Providing internal combustion engine-like performance in traction and lift, with fast lifting and lowering speeds, acceleration and travel speeds.

  • Reduced C02 footprint
  • Ergonomically designed cab
  • Isolated Powertrain
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance






Recharging and 100% battery state of charge from fully flat within two hours Robust and responsive, with precise handling powered by an integrated high voltage Li-ion battery

Reduced C02 footprint

Powered by an integrated high voltage Li-ion battery that provides long periods of truck operation before the need for recharging and 100% battery state of charge from fully flat within two hours. Li-ion batteries contain no heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury and are also free of the gassing normally associated with lead acid batteries, resulting in a lower CO2 footprint. They are capable of supporting intensive three-shift operations without battery exchange (via fast opportunity charging) The operating range of Li-ion batteries is significantly longer than the conventional alternative. A Yale Li-ion battery can provide approximately 3,750 cycles at 80% discharge, compared with the 1,200 cycles of a lead acid battery. They also offer quick and efficient opportunity charging, which can be carried out in close to work areas or break rooms, enabling trucks to be charged when unused.

Ergonomically designed cab

Operator compartment with clear unobstructed foot space. Low intermediate step height for easy three-point entry and exit. Highly adjustable steering column and ergonomically positioned operators seat with integrated armrest incorporating mini-levers for hydraulic control and other key functions. The dash display transmits continuous feedback to the operator of the truck’s status and is positioned for optimum visibility.

Isolated Powertrain

The isolated powertrain and full suspension seat with whole body vibration levels of 0.6m/s reduces operator fatigue. The Grammer Primo L air-suspension seat has low profile suspension, optionally available with pneumatic or mechanical suspension and quick weight adjustment. The broad, ergonomic seat cushions and the adjustable armrests support the body as optimal as the backrest, where the angle is adjustable from -5° to +30°.

Increased productivity

As such, the Li-ion eliminates battery changeovers and saves on both travel and handling time, helping to increase productivity. Li-ion batteries cut down on maintenance requirements too, as they are sealed and do not require topping up or equalisation charging. Li-ion batteries are seen as a more environmentally attractive solution for power.

Low maintenance

The Auto deceleration system (ADS) helps reduce operator fatigue in conjunction with the precise low-speed control. Intellix™ Vehicle Service Manager (VSM), monitors all vehicle systems and manages them electronically to optimise performance and increase reliability. Enhanced diagnostic capabilities allow maximum uptime and truck performance can be customised to suit application needs. Smooth electronic inching, shift and neutral start with brake interlock provides precise operator handling. Controlled power reversal (CPR) regulates directional change and tyre savings.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity
ERP70SVNL 7000kg 600mm 6200mm 3080mm Li-ion 360V / 192Ah(V/Ah)
ERP80VNL9 8000kg 900mm 2965mm 3794mm Li-ion 360V / 192Ah(V/Ah)
ERP80SVNL 8000kg 600mm 5965mm 3145mm Li-ion 360V / 192Ah(V/Ah)
ERP90VNL 9000kg 600mm 5965mm 3723mm Li-ion 360V / 192Ah(V/Ah)
ERP70SVNL9 7000kg 900mm 5965mm 3145mm Li-ion 360V / 192Ah(V/Ah)

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